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January 1


Overall January was positive but the juice wasnt worth the squeeze. I was trading pairs at times my macro strategy says I shouldnt have been and opened more trades than usual. As you can see, I got chopped up quite a bit at the beginning of the month and got excited when Alts started to pump. I had more open trades at one time than I am used to which spread me thin. This combined with the lack of OCO on Binance prevented me from capturing gains I otherwise should have on a few alts. On Binance, I always set stops with signals instead of take profits so I missed a few of the short lived pumps due to being asleep or away from my computer.

Take Aways for February

  1. My winners were overwhelmingly ETH shorts and ALTS I entered at range support and held through breakouts. Look for more of these setups.
  2. Revert back to less trades per month. Be more selective
  3. Stick to Macro strategy


February 3


February was a great month in the crypto market and I capitalized on it. I accomplished higher returns on less trades which was my main goal for the month coming off of a January where I took more trades than necessary. Bitcoin along with ETH and the other majors all had great runs which is where a majority of my profits came from. I stuck to my macro strategy of mostly being in large caps since we were in stage 1 of the market cycle. Im now shifting my allocation to mostly Mid cap ALTS as BTC and ETH are moving sideways.

Take aways for March

-1. Don't be greedy! Close trades at logical high time frame resistance, especially after 3 drives.
-I had the chance to exit at the top of the BTC/ETH/BCH move and didn't because I was waiting for a distribution range to form and price to wick higher. I took partial profits and my stops took the rest so I gave back 5-7% on each of those positions.

2. Dont' trade majors in chop ranges, wait for a 4HR close as confirmation outside of the range
- Im doing better on this but still had 3 trades in February that I had no business taking. Id like to get this to 0.

3. Don't buy falling knives when entering ALT retests. Wait for price to prove support will hold.
-I had the right idea on ARK and APPC but entered too early and was stopped out.




March was a wild month with Alts across the board pumping like crazy. While I’m happy with the results, I know I didn’t manage the excitement as well as I could have. I could have obtained the same results or better by focusing on higher time frames and sticking with the setups that look best. On the positive side, I noticed a strong improvement in my ability to identify when certain Alts were likely to break out or break down and act on those signals with less hesitation.

Take aways for April

  1. Take less trades
  2. Start evaluation of every trade looking at the weekly chart (monthly if price history is reasonable) to focus on the best setups
  3. No entry or exit of trades before NY open
    I’ve noticed my worst trade decisions are made between when I wake up and before NY open




The market provided in April with the Bitcoin breakout from 4100. I had more Alt exposure than I should have but fortunately they were large caps and recovered quickly vs BTC. I more than doubled my USD account value so far this year but took a small BTC hit that I recovered through the remainder of the month. I picked some winners and entered with great timing and let them ride (BAT, EOS and NEO). Overall a good month but I’m still taking more trades than I think I need to. The time (and money) spent over trading could be better used elsewhere.

Take aways for May

  1. Don’t underestimate Bitcoin’s ability to pump and bleed out Alts
  2.  I don’t always need to be in a position
  3. Look for more level to level bounce plays with clear PA (Like ENJ)